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Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF)


Agneta Andersson

I lead several research projects in marine ecology, and am the scientific coordinator for the strategic research program EcoChange.

Ann-Charlotte Englund

I work at Umeå Marine Sciences Centre. My tasks are cleaning, administration.


I work as a chemist/physical geographer at UMF, mainly with national monitoring of the pelagic in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Annie Marie Cox

I am an environmental analyst at Umeå Marine Research Centre with a background in aquatic microbial ecology. I work with bacterial methods and analysis of time series from UMF's monitoring program.

Ashish Verma

I am postdoctoral fellow in Johan Wikner’s group studying the adaptation strategies of marine prokaryotes in the cold and oligotrophic sub-Arctic and Arctic ecosystems.

Berith Andersson

I keep track of the finances at our unit. This means, among other things, that I handle invoices, payments, project reports, accounting, financial follow-ups and analyzes.

Cecilia Vallin

I work with administration and managerial support at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science and Umeå Marine Sciences Centre.

Elizabeth Sands

I am investigating the effects of variations in the visible light spectrum in seawater on phytoplankton on both community and species levels.

Göran Bergqvist

I support research, for example analyzing nutrients and dissolved organic carbon in water samples.

Heidi Burdett

Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of photosynthesis in the coastal marine environment, and its application towards achieving sustainable conservation.

Henrik Larsson

Contact for researchers who need services at UMF, forwards such inquiries within UMF to specific people.

Contact for mesocosm projects at UMF including Tran national Access (TA) within AQUACOSMplus.

Jan Albertsson

I work with environmental monitoring and condition assessment of the marine environment in the Gulf of Bothnia, mainly soft-bottom fauna but also underwater vegetation and fish.

Jenny Ask

I study aquatic ecology and biogeochemistry in northern lakes and coastal ecosystems, focusing on benthic processes.

Joakim Ahlgren

Environmental analyst (chemistry) at UMF. Quality manager and responsible for the accreditation system.

Johan Wikner

My research focus on marine bacteria and their influence on the environmental status in the Sea.

Jonas Wester

I am the IT coordinator at UMF. I also work with technical solutions for research and environmental monitoring, as well as field work at sea.

Karolina Eriksson

Doctoral student in ecology with a focus on identifying ecological drivers that lead to the emergence of disease-causing bacteria.

Kesava Priyan Ramasamy

I am investigating the genetic and functional adaptation of bacteria to utilize different carbon substrates.

Kristina Viklund

Communications officer at Umeå Marine Sciences Centre and for the research programme EcoChange. Editor for Havsutsikt and www.havet.nu.

Li Zhao

I study structural and functional response of microbial communities to climate change in Baltic Sea.

Linda Zetterholm
Markus Nordin

Communication officer at Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF). Editor: Sveriges vattenmiljö, Havet.nu, Havsutsikt, Livet i havet. 

Marléne Johansson

Marine biologist at UMF, working on environmental monitoring of the Gulf of Bothnia, mainly sampling and taxonomic analyses.

Martina Jeuthe

I work with the environmental monitoring of the Gulf of Bothnia, mainly with sampling, chemical and biological analyses.

Mikael Molin

I am responsible for logistics and infrastructure at UMF. I am also a dive leader and skipper. I have been working at UMF since 1995.

Mikael Peedu

Marine biologist at UMF. I work with environmental monitoring of the Gulf of Bothnia, mainly sampling and taxonomic analyses.

Nicholas Kamenos

My research investigates the relationships between climate change and marine ecosystems with a focus on ecosystem service provision. I am the Director of Umeå Marine Sciences Centre.

Nina Dagberg

I work with environmental monitoring, mainly within analyses of bacteria. My work includes both field sampling at sea and analytical work in the laboratory.

Oskar Wangdell

I'm a laboratory engineer at Umeå marine science centre (UMF) with national and regional environmental monitoring, mainly sampling and chemical analysis within the program Fria vattenmassan.

Peter Granlund

Captain of R/V Botnica and technical resource at UMF.

Petra Rådman

Marine biologist at UMF, working mainly on analysis of zooplankton and bottom fauna.

Robin Bergman

I work with field sampling, both from ships and as a diver. I also work with the operation of our mesocosm facility and our experimental halls.

Sébastien Leveque

My research is investigating acclimation and adaptation of the coral holobiont. I mainly focus on the symbiotic community composition within coral reefs using bioinformatics tools.

Siv Huseby

I investigate the pelagic environmental situation of the Gulf of Bothnia. I am also Deputy Director for Umeå Marine Sciences Centre.

Sonia Brugel

Biological oceanographer specialized in phytoplankton ecophysiology. I work with research on the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems.

Tharindu Herath

My research area focuses on how climate change induced stressors affect the food web quality and efficiency in the northern Baltic Sea.

Åsa Hallberg

I work with the environmental monitoring of the Gulf of Bothnia, mainly with sampling and chemical analyses.