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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 15 April 2021)


Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF)


I work as a chemist/physical geographer at UMF, mainly with national monitoring of the pelagic in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Annie Marie Cox
Jan Albertsson
Jenny Ask

I study aquatic ecology and biogeochemistry in northern lakes and coastal ecosystems, focusing on benthic processes.

Joakim Ahlgren
Johan Wikner

My research focus on marine bacteria and their influence on the environmental status in the Sea. I am also director for Umeå Marine Sciences Center.

Kristina Viklund

Communication officer at Umeå Marine Sciences Centre and for the research programme EcoChange. Editor for Havsutsikt and

Markus Nordin

Communication officer at Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF). Editor for Sveriges vattenmiljö.

Martina Jeuthe
Mikael Peedu
Nina Dagberg
Petra Rådman
Siv Huseby

I investigate the pelagic environmental situation of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Sonia Brugel
Åsa Hallberg