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Heidi Burdett

Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of photosynthesis in the coastal marine environment, and its application towards achieving sustainable conservation.


Works at

KBC-Fysiologihuset, Linnaeus väg 6, Umeå, A4 38 21 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå
Affiliated as associate professor at Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF)
-, Norrbyn 557, 905 71 HÖRNEFORS Umeå Marina Forskningscentrum, Norrbyn 557, 905 71 Hörnefors

Research keywords: photosynthesis, mesophotic, sustainability, ecosystem function, climate change, nature-based solutions, coralline algae, seaweeds, mangroves, corals

For more information, see our research website.

Our research seeks to understand the fundamental processes underlying photosynthesis in the coastal marine environment, and how we can apply this knowledge to address coastal sustainability challenges such as habitat restoration, carbon burial and biodiversity loss. Our research therefore falls into two major themes:

1. Photosynthetic acclimation and adaptation in coastal ecosystem engineers (seaweeds, mangroves, corals) in response to natural variability and human-induced environmental change from a physical and biochemical perspective. We have a particular focus on extreme light environments such as those found in the deep mesophotic and in the Baltic Sea.

2. Application of this fundamental understanding to identify the socio-environmental factors that promote long-term sustainability of habitat conservation and restoration.

To achieve this, we take a multidisciplinary approach that combines field observations, laboratory experimentation and computational modelling, supported by the excellent research infrastructures available within the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science and Umeå Marine Sciences Centre at Umeå University. We are also highly collaborative across academic disciplines; our current collaborations range from theoretical mathematics and AI, to social sustainability and climate governance. To maximise the ‘real-world’ impact of our research we also work extensively with policymakers, conservation organisations and local communities, especially focusing on marginalised and underprivileged groups.  

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