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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 26 February 2021)


Faculty of Arts, Dean's Office


Ann-Catrine Eriksson
Elena Lindholm

Docent in Hispanic literature and senior lecturer in Spanish at the Department of Language Studies
Research Coordinator at the Faculty of Arts, Dean's Office

Ieva Eriksson
Kathrine Flyborg
Kristina Sehlin Macneil

I am a Researcher at Várdduo and the Co-Director for FADC. My research interests are conflicts between extractive industries and Indigenous peoples.

Lena Högback
Per Melander

I work with external research communications and internal communications for employees at the Faculty of Humanities. News, press releases and information material; text, photo and video.

Peter Lexelius
Roxana Wikström
Therese Ekström
Ulf Sandqvist

I am the director of Humlab and my main research interest is the digital game culture.

Professor of History and Dean of the Faculty of Arts. My primary research interests lie in women and gender history from different perspectives: legal, political and social, 1650-1920.