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Pedro Sanches

I am a design researcher in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence with a focus on health, autonomy and well-being.



Works at

Assistant professor at Department of Informatics
MIT-huset, Campustorget 5, MIT.F.423 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

How are biodata-driven technologies changing the conceptions of health and wellbeing, at individual, community and societal levels? In my research I explore how to design these technologies in a way that they work for everyone: a plurality of bodies, lifestyles, and ways of being in the world. I approach these issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, combining interaction design, computer science and STS.

For an overview of my publications see my Google scholar profile


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As a teacher, I have been actively involved in 12 different courses, mainly within the areas of HCI and Interaction Design, and also Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology. I believe in Project-Based Learning, where students independently pursue their own research and development. Often, my courses involve complex and enganging projects that cover the entire design cycle, from user research to implementation (typically web-based, app, or physical prototypes). I have taught students from different disciplinary backgrounds, such as computer science, media technology, and interaction design.