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Per Algander

I teach introductory courses in ethics, metaethics and decision theory. My research focuses on ethics and value theory, especially on moral obligations to future generations.



Works at

Associate professor at Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies Section: Philosophy
A, Humanisthuset, HUM.C.126 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I defended my thesis (Harm, Benefit, and Non-Identity) at Uppsala University in 2013 and have since then worked as a researcher and teacher at philosophy departments in Uppsala, Stockholm and Lisbon. I have been working as a temporary lecturer in philosophy at Umeå University since 2019.

My research focuses on issues in ethics, with a special interest in population ethics. An example of one such issue is the alleged asymmetry between causing happy people to exist and causing unhappy people to exist. To many there seems to be a difference between these two: I am morally required not to cause a unhappy person to exist, but I am not morally required to cause a happy person to exist.

I am also working on issues related to how well-being should be distributed, especially under uncertainty. I am currently working on papers where I defend a Prioritarian view of distributing well-being according to which additional weight should be given to benefiting people the worse off they are.

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Algander, Per
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Algander, Per

I regularly teach the following courses;

  • Ethics (campus and internet).
  • Metaethics (campus and internet).
  • Decision theory and philosophy of risk.

In addition I supervise bachelor and master-essays in philosophy.