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Petra Ryden

I am a registered dietitian and works as a lecturer at the Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences. At the moment, I'm ass. Head of Department as well as Director of Studies



Works at

Associate professor at Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science Role: Deputy head of department, Director of studies, Directory Co-ordinator, Assistant head of department

What I do in at the department

I am assistant head of department with responsibility for education (programs and courses at undergraduate and advanced level) and director of studies together with Björn Norén. In addition to this, I lead a research project Dietitian Online (DiOn), supervise a doctoral student and teach at some of the department's courses.


My research is currently focused on how new technology can be used by dietitians to e.g. make dietary treatment available. The research project I lead aims to investigate the effect of Internet-based dietitian treatment on patients, dietitians, and society. I also have an interest in factors that influence our eating habits in a healthy direction, where in previous studies I mainly investigated how food prices affect our food choices. I am also curious about students' experiences of student-active forms of teaching.

Research supervision

I am the main supervisor for a doctoral student, Sarah Persson, who is carrying out her thesis work within the research project Dietitian Online (DiOn).


For many years I have been the course manager for Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, an online course at advanced level. I also teach nutrition and public health and scientific method with a focus on quantitative methods. In addition to that, I supervise and examine essays at basic and advanced level.

Feel free to talk to me about:

Nutrition treatment via video call, all possible questions regarding our courses and educations


I am a registered dietitian and have previously worked as a municipal dietitian. I started at the department as a PhD student in 2002 and completed my dissertation in 2012 with the thesis Toward an understanding of the barriers to and facilitators of dietary change. During my graduate studies, I had three children.

Since 2019, I have been part of the department's management team.

I have a personal interest in digital technology and information and communication technology (ICT). Over the years, this has meant that I have a great commitment to how technology can be used in our everyday life, with a particular interest in how it can improve teaching for both students and teachers. For this, I was awarded the Faculty of Social Sciences' pedagogical prize in 2018.

During all the years at the department, I have taught to varying extents. I have taught on all of the department's education programs and on many different courses

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