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Dietitian Online (DiOn)

Research project Research project Internet-based dietetic treatment (IDT) with video calls is increasing rapidly in Sweden. To reduce travel and increase the availability of dietitians, IDT may be an option. However, there is a lack of knowledge about how IDT can affect patients, dietitians and society.

Dietitian Online – an evaluation of internet-based dietetic treatment within Swedish healtcare.

Head of project

Petra Ryden
Associate professor

Project overview

Project period:

2018-08-15 2025-06-14

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science, Department of Informatics, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Social Sciences

Research area

Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science

Project description

Dietetic treatment is a cost-effective treatment for, among other things, obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. However, the availability of dietitians is limited, which can lead to prolonged time to treatment initiation, absence of dietary treatment or long journey for treatment. Need to travel for treatment burdens our environment and can be perceived as an inefficient way of managing society's resources. With increased use of information and communication technology, care can be provided remotely, which could improve accessibility and increase efficiency. Today, however, there is a lack of knowledge about the consequences of internet-based dietetic treatment.

The purpose of the project is to investigate how efficiency and interaction are affected when the meeting between dietitian and patient takes place at a distance with the help of video calls. The project will investigate internet-based dietetic treatment from the aspects of treatment outcomes and connection to therapists by comparing traditional dietetic treatment with internet-based dietetic treatment in the treatment of obesity, high blood fats, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.