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Rikard Harr

Researcher/Excellent teacher responsible for the department's doctoral education. Part of the research group Design Informatics with a focus on human-computer interaction and manipulative design

Educational qualifications: Distinguished university teacher



Works at

Associate professor at Department of Informatics
MIT-huset, Campustorget 5, MIT.F.426 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I am a senior lecturer in informatics and responsible for the department's doctoral education and also part of the department's management team. I am active in the research environment Design Informatics and conduct my research in the field of human-computer interaction. My research focus is on how the design of IT challenges us in different situations and environments.
The challenges I am mainly interested in concern, for example, how our use of technology makes it difficult to focus on our work and private life. Our use of technology has contributed to an increasingly fragmented existence where interruptions and disruptions are common, something that can have a negative impact on both our efficiency and our well-being. I also study manipulative dimensions of design such as how companies and organizations try to influence our decision-making. I focus partly on what is call dark design patterns, i.e. design techniques to make us e.g. unreflectively carry out purchases, and partly on persuasive design, i.e. how design can affect our behavior such as exercising more or losing weight.
I am currently writing an article with a colleague based on a study of how weight loss apps relate to unhealthy weight loss. Here we are interested in whether these apps in any way try to stop this weight loss, or maybe even encourage it. The article will be sent to the international conference Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) which will be arranged in 2022.
I defended my dissertation in 2009 and have since studied the design of IT within and outside research projects. I review articles on a regular basis that publish in various journals/conferences and currently participate in the arrangement of the design conference NordiCHI which will be arranged in Umeå-Uppsala.

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Research groups

Group member

I have been appointed an Excellent Teacher and teach in a number of different courses and at different levels of education. I supervise a doctoral student at the doctoral level, teach master's students during their degree project courses, and teach graduate students on their first course on the digitalisation of society and on a course in project management. I have also recently participated in the development and implementation of the courses Digital Working Life - Strategies for the New Normal, and Identity and Power in Social Media. I have on five occasions been nominated for the student union's educational award.

A selection of courses I have participated in:

  • The digitalisation of society
  • Project management and project methodology
  • Master's thesis in informatics with a focus on IT management / Human-computer interaction and user experiences
  • Design and evaluation
  • IT development
  • Digital working life - strategies for the new normal
  • Identity and power in social media