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Staff photo Sara Wilson

Sara Wilson

Associate professor, PhD, docent, recognized teacher, Scientific Reports editorial board and nordic board for develpmental biology. Research on the nervous system during development and disease.

Research qualifications: Docent
Educational qualifications: Recognised university teacher



Works at

Associate professor at Department of Integrative Medical Biology (IMB) Units: Teachers D1-wing, Group Sara Wilson
hus H, Johan Bures väg 12, Biologihuset Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

The goals of the laboratory are to examine the growth, assembly and connectivity of the nervous system during development and in disease processes such as cancer and neurodevelopmental disorders. We generate basic knowledge about normal and abnormal nervous system formation and growth processes and use this information in preclinical models to determine new  targets to treat diseases such as cancer. 

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Laboratory homepage

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