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Staff photo Vicenc Torra

Vicenc Torra

I am working on artificial intelligence. Main research topics include data privacy, approximate reasoning, decision making.



Works at

MIT-huset, Umeå universitet, MIT.A.446A Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I am Professor at the Computing Science department, where I lead the "NAUSICA: PrivAcy-AWare traNSparent deCIsions group".

I am working on AI, data privacy and approximate reasoning (fuzzy sets and systems).

I have written several books including:

  • V. Torra, Y. Narukawa, Modeling Decisions, Springer, 2007.
  • V. Torra, Data privacy: Foundations, New Developments and the Big Data Challenge, Springer, 2017.

Details on my research can be found here:


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Artificial Intelligence

AI is expanding into many new areas of education and research.