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Published: 2022-12-14 Updated: 2024-01-11, 13:45

Many new research projects at the Department of Computing Science

NEWS In recent years, the Department of Computing Science at Umeå University has succeeded in recruiting several world-leading researchers in areas such as data integrity, cyber security, responsible AI, scientific computing and human interaction with robots and systems. Many new and exciting research projects are now receiving more than SEK 30 million in research funding.

Text: Victoria Skeidsvoll

The funding comes from Horizon Europe, the most important EU programme for research and innovation, from the Swedish Research Council, Sweden's largest government research funding body, and from the Swedish Cancer Society. Project and researchers at the Department of Computing Science that have received funding are:

Horizon Europe


Exascale computing offers supercomputing performance that can handle complex phenomena. The Center of Excellence for Exascale CFD (CECC) specialises in the area of numerical simulations for turbulence. Here, Associate Professors Roman Iakymchuk and Eddie Wadbro professors Martin Berggren and Paolo Bientinesi are awarded nearly SEK 11.3 million for their work.


The European Open Research Cloud is an EU initiative aimed at developing a virtual environment for sharing and reusing research data. Professor Paolo Bientinesi is granted more than 2.6 million SEK for his part in the call Supporting an EOSC-ready digitally skilled workforce.


A doctoral network in machine learning and AI with the goal of teaching computers to handle multiple data representations simultaneously. This will, among other things, result in new methods for designing and visualising machine learning models, and evaluating how they work and solve problems. Professor Virginia Dignum and Assistant Professor Monowar Bhuyan is awarded more than SEK 3.1 million.


AI-based decision support systems are increasingly deployed in industry, in the public and private sectors, and in policy-making. Aequitas creates a platform for testing AI-based decision support systems to make sure that these systems neither build on nor reinforce prejudice, bias and discrimination. Professor Virginia Dignum, together with Associate Professor Lili Jiang and Senior Research Engineer Andrea Aler Tubella, are granted roughly SEK 4.9 million.

COMFORT – Computational Models for patient stratification in urologic cancers

Large amounts of complex research data remain a challenge in healthcare. Computational methods have great potential to enable superior patient stratification strategies compared to established clinical practice, which in turn is a prerequisite for developing effective approaches to personalised medicine. This project will support the development of computational models driven by end-user needs. Here, Professor Virginia Dignum and Associate Professor Lili Jiang recieve SEK 7,3 million.


Aims to create a cognitive serverless framework for the Cloud-Edge continuum. Associate Professor Paul Townend, Assistant Professor Monowar Bhuyan and Professor Erik Elmroth have been granted more than 7 million SEK for their part in this exciting project.

Read more about Horizon Europe funding here.

The Swedish Cancer Society

Associate Professor Tommy Löfstedt receives SEK 2.4 million for his project "A step towards using population-level data to improve automated".
Read more about the Swedish Cancer Society's research grants here.

Swedish Research Council

Professor Kary Främling receives SEK 3.6 million for the project "How explanatory AI can be made understandable using CIU".

Associate Professor Kai-Florian Richter receives SEK 3.7 million for the project "Strategies for autonomous systems to resolve ambiguities in human-system interaction".

Professor Vicenc Torra receives SEK 3.7 million for the project "Integrity and complex data".

Professor Thomas Hellström receives SEK 3.7 million for the project "Robots with causal capabilities".

Xuan-Son Vu, postdoctoral researcher, is also involved in the project "Grandma Karl is 27 years old: Automatic pseudonymisation of research data", a project at the University of Gothenburg which has been awarded 18 million. Read more about the Swedish Research Council funding here.

Read more about research projects funded by the Swedish Research Council here. More about these projects will also be available later.