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Ya-Fang Mei

I am a group leader of virus research group focusing on oncolytic adenoviruses for cancer therapy and development of viral vaccine.



Works at

Affiliated as research fellow at Department of Clinical Microbiology Section: Section of Virology
6F, Universitetssjukhuset, Virologi Umeå universitet, 901 85 Umeå

I am leading a research group working on generating new adenovirus to be benefit for human being, for example, replication-competent adenovirus vector expressing Green/Red Fluorescence protein (RCAd11pGFP, RCAd11pRFP) have been applied in antivirus drugs’ screening, targeting metastatic cancer cells to investigate the viral internalization, propagation, consequently killed the cells. The viruses carrying genes from  cytokines, tumour suppressing, tumour suicide, resulting approaching the oncolytic efficacy.

During the covid-19 pandemic, we investigated of SARS-CoV-2-spike protein in lung and kidney cells, with the aim to improve  the efficacy of covid-19 vaccine. Hopefully, some of the viruses could be applied in clinical trials in the future.


My research carrier started by PhD studies at Umeå University in 1990 with Professor Göran Wadell (Umeå University), as supervisor. My research focused on adenovirus tropisms and causing diseases, mainly focusing on interaction between viral structure protein and host cell receptor, we published some important work some define important amino acid of the adenoviral fiber protein that plays critical role in viral enter host cells and hemagglutination function.

My research group today: I have a small research group with two research students and myself. 

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Ya-Fang Mei Lab