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For our exchange students

To make your stay more pleasant at The Department of Molecular Biology, we have compiled some information that we hope will be useful during your exchange studies.

  • Where can I find course schedules for courses taught at the Department of Molecular Biology?

    Schedules for courses given by our department can be found if you follow the link at the bottom of this page. The schedules should be available at least a month before the course starts.

  • How do I register to the courses?

    In order to be registered on a course that you have been admitted to, you must attend the roll call. The registration will take effect within a week after the roll call. The time and place for the roll call can be found in the course schedule.

  • Do I need a lab coat?

    In order to protect yourself and your clothing while working on your practical exercises in the laboratory, you must wear a lab coat. The Department of Molecular Biology will not provide you with a lab coat, so you must bring your own. If you do not own a lab coat, you can buy one at ChemStore (Kemiförrådet) at Umeå University.

  • Exams


    For all your written exams you have to register electronically via My page at the Student web (www.umu.se/en/student), at least 10 working days before every examination date. You can read more about My page and how to sign up for examination here: https://www.umu.se/en/student/my-studies/how-to-use-the-student-web/. You can find a link to the exam schedule below.


    If you do not pass a written examination there will be a re-exam approximately one to two months after the first examination. However, note that if you pass the first examination you will not be allowed to take a second examination to improve your grades. Additional re-exams are usually given in June and late August.

    Exams abroad

    In case you have not passed the written examinations before leaving Umeå, you will have the opportunity to take the re-exams at your home university, but only if a person working in an official capacity, such as your home Coordinator, can assist with arranging the practical details. This is a service provided by The Department of Molecular Biology, hence we only take responsibility for courses administered by this department. Note, it is up to you to contact your Coordinator in this matter and then at least one month before the examination date provide our study administrators (studieadm.molbiol@umu.se) with information on who will supervise the exam. You must provide both the name of and the e-mail address of the supervisor. Once you are registered on one of our courses, you can find the exam and re-exam dates in My page at the Student web.

  • How can I get my official transcript of records or course certificates?

    A Transcript of Records lists all your finished courses and the grades you have received. A Course Certificate contains a description of the course and shows your grades on the separate parts of the course including the percentage on the exam. The Department of Molecular Biology can only issue Course Certificates for courses given by this department. You can only receive a Course Certificate for a course you have passed. Umeå University will not translate the grades received into grades of any other grading system. Umeå University uses the ECTS Grading Table instead of the ECTS grading scale (A-F).

    You can print out a valid Official Transcript of Records from My page at the Student web. However, if you need a signed copy or Course Certificates, please contact our study administrators (studieadm.molbiol@umu.se). If you leave Umeå before you have passed a course, please send them an e-mail in which you provide the postal address to which the Transcript of Record and Course Certificates should be sent. Upon request you may also receive a copy by e-mail.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about the studies at the Department of Molecular Biology?

    Please contact Yngve Östberg in case of questions related to exchange studies. You find contact details at the bottom of this page at "Contact information".

Latest update: 2023-04-06