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Umu-id - your user account

As a student at Umeå University, you need a user account - an Umu-id. With your Umu-id you can access the the university's digital services such as wireless networks, learning platforms and your schedule. You can activate your Umu-id one week before the start of the semester.

Why you need an Umu-id

As a student at Umeå University, you will receive an Umu-id. Your Umu-id is a type of digital identity at the university which also gives you access to a user account. You use your Umu-id to sign-in to the university's different digital services.

Umu-id gives you access to the university's digital servicess 

The user account gives you access to:

  • an email address through Office 365. Student email account
  • different software and IT tools. Software for students
  • Office 365 with programmes like Excel, Powerpoint, Teams and more. You can also download the programs for free to your personal computer. Office 365
  • our wireless networks
  • the learning platform Canvas
  • information and personal services that apply to your studies such as:
    • course registration
    • examination sign-up
    • service for creating certificates of your studies
    • degree application.

You also need to have your user account before you can get the Umu card. It is therefore important that you activate your account as soon as possible.


How to get your Umu-id

To get your Umu-id you need to go through out activation guide. You can activate your Umu-id one week before the start of the semester, but it is often possible to activate earlier. You will not receive any special notification from us when it is possible to activate your user account.

Only new students need to active their Umu-id. Your account is active throughout you studies at the university.

Rules for your account

When you activate your account you agree to our terms of use. You can also find the terms of use on our website.

Regulations for the use of Umeå University's IT resources

Different ways to activate your Umu-id

I want to activate using an activation code

You can activate your Umu-id using an activation code that is sent to you by email. If you are an exchange student or tuition fee paying student you will receive an activation code by email a couple of weeks prior to the start of your studies.

You can change between the guide in Swedish and English by clicking the language name in the upper right corner of the window. 

Activation guide

I want to activate using an account with the national University Admissions website

If you have a Swedish personnummer (personal identity number) you can activate your Umu-id using your account with the national University Admissions website at the earliest one week before the semester starts.

Please note that if you have a temporary personnummer (one that contains a letter, such as T, in the last four digits) you are most likely not able to activate your account this way. Please use the method described in I want to activate my Umu-id using an activation code instead. 

Activation guide

I want to activate using my account with eduID

You can activate your Umu-id using your account with eduID.

Activation guide

I need a new activation code

If you've lost, or haven't received an activation code, and cannot use the method to login via University Admissions website or eduID, you can order an activation code through the Activation guide.

Activation guide

I am an exchange student

If you have been admitted to Umeå University as an exchange student, you will receive your temporary Umu-id activation code to the e-mail address you created an account with on the University Admissions website.

You will receive the email from Infocenter at Umeå University a couple of weeks prior to the start of your exchange. 

Level of trust

To ensure the digital security of all students at Umeå University, there are different types of preventive measures, one of which is so-called "levels of trust". Here is a description of what it is and how it works for you as a student.

Level of trust (also called "SWAMID Assurance level") is a measure of trust, i.e. how well we know who is behind an account. It's about ensuring that you're the one logging into your account and not someone else.

The right level of trust creates security

Umeå University currently has two levels of trust: Level 1 (SWAMID AL1) and Level 2 (SWAMID AL2).

  • Level 1 (AL1) means that the user of an account has not identified themselves. This will impose certain restrictions on the user, who will then not be able to log in everywhere.

  • Level 2 (AL2) means that the user to an account has identified themselves with, for example, Bank ID, Freja eID+, via EduID, Antagning.se or presented their ID, and is then confirmed as the correct user.

Today, there are various digital services that require you to confirm your identity in order to log in and in the future, more services will require the right level of trust from the user


Latest update: 2023-04-21