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Ladok, student web and Canvas – how are they interlinked

As a student at Umeå University, you will come across some platforms and systems that you need to use for your studies. Exactly which ones you will need depends on what courses you are taking, but there are three systems that are particularly important to be aware of, Ladok, Canvas and student web.

Ladok – study administration

Some parts of your education need to be registered and documented in various ways. This takes place in the Ladok study administration registry. When you have been admitted to a course, you need to register for the course to keep your place, and once you have started, you need to sign up for exams before you can take them. Once you have taken your exam, you will want to know your results, and you may even need a certificate of study when you apply for a job. These types of data are registered in Ladok.

See an introductory video of Ladok.
Log into Ladok using your Umu-id.

From 5 December 2023, you need to have confirmed your user identity (Umu-id) to log into Ladok if you have a Swedish personal identity number.

Course registration

You need to register for a course you have been admitted to before you can participate. Registration can only be done for a limited period of time. The department holding your course chooses how you register. On some courses, you register via Ladok or a learning platform, which is a virtual learning environment. On other courses, registration takes place at the course introduction. The welcome letter for each specific course or programme will specify how you are supposed to register.

See a video on how to register in Ladok.

If you fail to register on time, you will lose your place on the course. You can contact the department and ask if there are any places left, but please be aware that you are no longer guaranteed a place.

Learn more about registration.

Sign up for an exam

If you want to take a written hall exam, you always need to sign up no later than ten days before the exam. Sign up using Ladok.

More information about exams.

Non-completion of studies – if you are quitting

If anything happens along the way that make you decide not to carry on with your studies, you must report what is called non-completion of studies. By doing so, you give up your place. If you want to resume your studies at a later stage, you will not be guaranteed a place.

Please note that if you need to take a break from your studies but wish to resume them later, you can apply for an approved leave from studies instead of reporting non-completion of studies.

To report non-completion of studies, please use the form found through the link below.

Learn more about non-completion and approved leave from studies and how to apply or report.

Get your course certificate

If you need to prove that you are registered on a course or what qualifications you have when applying for a job, or if you need an overview of all your studies at Umeå University, you can create transcripts and certificates through Ladok.

Canvas – virtual learning environment

Canvas is Umeå University’s virtual learning environment or learning platform. This is the service at which you will probably spend the most amount of time. Canvas provides course tasks and course information from teachers. You can also communicate with your fellow students through Canvas.

Read more about Canvas.

Student web – information and schedule

The student web – which is the platform you have found this information on – gathers various information you may need and be curious of. For instance, support for IT, student health, study guidance or exchange studies. You can also book group study rooms through the student web.

When you have logged in, you can also see your schedule, find shortcuts to Canvas and Ladok, access your welcome letter, and see your course syllabus and literature list.

Log into the student web using your Umu-id.


If your course or study programme has chosen to show the schedule on the student web, this will be the first thing you see once you have logged into the student web. You will usually see your schedule directly on the start page, but it could also be found via a link above the schedule view.

Active courses

Your active courses are those you are registered on for the current semester, but also those you have been admitted to but have not yet registered for. The text next to the course name indicates if you have been admitted or if you have also registered for the course.

Each course in this list is followed by links to the tools available such as course syllabus, literature list, welcome letter and Canvas site.

My settings

Postal address, telephone number and email address

Your registered address shown in Ladok is retrieved weekly from the population register maintained by the Swedish Tax Agency. If you wish to change your place of registration, you need to contact the Swedish Tax Agency. You can change the following study-related personal data yourself:

  • Postal address to your actual place of residence, if you live in an address at which you are not registered in the population register.
  • Phone number
  • Your email address to which the University can communicate about your studies.

Do you currently or have you previously studied at another Swedish higher education institution? It may be good to know that any contact details added here will also be shown at those higher education institutions. Review your contact details to ensure that the University can contact you through the channels of your choice.

Give consent

Some companies offering student discounts want to verify through Ladok that you are indeed a student. To allow them to do so, you must first give your consent.

You can see what companies these are and give your consent on the My Settings page.

Latest update: 2023-11-08