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If you get injured at the University

An occupational injury is an injury that has arisen due to an accident at work or that in some other way is caused by work. An incident is an undesirable event that could have led to injury.

You must report all accidents and illnesses that have arisen in your study environment, whether they resulted in sickness absence or not.

What you need to do

Tell your head of department or teacher what has happened. To verify an injury, it is advisable to see a medical professional. Save all medical certificates and receipts related to your injury.

Report an occupational injury

  • Read the procedures for students to report an occupational injury, which describes what you need to do.
    Procedures for students to report an occupational injury
  • Report the injury to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) and the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Agency (Kammarkollegiet).Reports are to be made in consultation with the University and the work environment representative. You can also submit a report through a work injury report form instead of through the online service. (In Swedish)
  • Submit your injury report to your department for signature.

Report an incident

  1. Report incidents through the incident report form.
    Incident report form
  2. When you have filled out the form, please submit it to the environmental coordinator at Umeå University, Mikael Waldenborg.
    Contact details for Mikael Waldenborg

A report also highlights shortcomings in the work environment and enables the University to investigate and attend to them, and prevent further incidents or injuries.

What is an occupational injury or an incident?

Examples of occupational injuries

  • bodily injuries arisen during studies
  • bodily injuries due to threats or violence during studies
  • bodily injuries arisen on the way to or from your studies
  • ill health due to psychosocial work environment issues, for instance conflicts at work or a high workload.

Examples of serious occupational injuries:

  • fractures (a broken bone)
  • large nerve damage to muscles or tendons
  • damage to sensory organs, for instance hearing or eyesight
  • damage to inner organs
  • extensive loss of blood
  • second and third-degree burns
  • events that affect a person mentally, for instance chock caused by
  • threat of violence or a traffic accident
  • exposure to a communicable disease

A serious incident is an event that could lead to grave danger of ill health or an accident, such as

  • severe cases of bullying, abuse and harassment
  • being subjected to harmful stress for a long period and reacting intensely to it
  • threat of violence, if the incident caused serious danger to life or health, for instance threat at the point of a knife or firearm
  • death threats made with intent, other threats of violence against someone or severe cases of bullying
  • falling from a few metres without physical injury
  • overhanging cargo or if items have fallen close to someone or where someone could have been stood
  • a leakage of smoke, gas or chemical substances without injury to an employee or student
  • an explosion in a room that was empty of people at the time.

You are insured during regular school hours

Students are covered by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency’s personal injury insurance for students, which is free of charge but has an excess fee of SEK 500. The insurance covers students residing in Sweden as well as students who come from abroad to study in Sweden. The insurance provides coverage during ‘school time’, which means all the time a student spends on the University’s premises. This also applies if the student studies in the University’s premises in the evenings. However, the insurance only applies in Sweden.

What the insurance covers

The insurance covers personal injuries through accidents and some cases of illness due to infection.

The insurance covers

‘School hours’, on the University’s premises and campuses
When on a placement or at a workplace approved by the University
When on the way to or from the University
When studying remotely if the accident can be directly linked to the studies conducted.

Information about personal injury insurance for university students in Sweden