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Image: Janina Renström

Scholarship for graduating students at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

The Culture Committee has appointed Janina Renström as the recipient of Umeå Municipality's scholarship for a graduate student at the Academy of Fine Arts.

The Academy of Fine Arts has submitted proposals for recipients of the scholarship and justification to the cultural committee for decision.

During the five years that Janina Renström studied at the Umeå Academy of Art, she has explored the limits of painting in a truly interesting and wayward way.

She has approached film, photography, text, sculpture and performance but always within and in connection with her main medium, painting. Janina has an extremely sophisticated ear when she puts together choices of image and text and what arises in between is a strange state of unreality. It gives the feeling that what you see in front of you is not what it seems, it is disturbing and exactly as confusing as Janina wants it to be.

She has, over the years, refined her methods and has developed her artistry by experimenting and taking risks. This past year she has also been testing the limits of her painting by expanding into the room in a really interesting way. As for the painting itself, it is striking what a skilled painter she is, with great love for the process itself, the recording of motifs, the painterly aspects, the joy when the color "swings", the knowledge to know when the painting is finished.

Due to all of Janina's exceptional qualities, we are very happy to nominate Janina Renström for the Umeå Municipality scholarship in 2024.

Annika Eriksson, professor at the School of Art at Umeå University

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