Incoming exchange students

To come to Umea Academy of Fine Arts an exchange student there must be a formal exchange agreement between your home university and Umea Academy of Fine Arts. You can ask the coordinator at your home university if such an agreement exists, and if you can be nominated as an exchange student.

Incoming exchange students

How to be nominated

Your home university must officially nominate you by filling out our online nomination form through Solemove (Umeå University's administrative system for student mobility).

The link to the form is not published online, it is sent by e-mail to your coordinator. 

How to apply for courses

After you have been nominated, an automatic e-mail will be sent to you with instructions on how to apply for courses. Make sure to read through the application instructions thoroughly before you start applying for courses.

We offer two course packages per semester (one on BA level and one on MA level) each corresponding to 30 ECTS.

  • Spring term:
    Artistic practice, Bachelor's level, term 2 (30 ECTS)
    Artistic practice, Master's level, term 2 (30 ECTS)

  • Autumn term:
    Artistic practice, Bachelor's level, term 3 (30 ECTS)
    Artistic practice, Master's level, term 1 (30 ECTS)

Besides the courses in your course package, you have the option to sign up for several workshops that we offer. These will not give you any extra credits and therefore they will not be shown on your transcript of records nevertheless they will hopefully provide you with new skills. Would you like to have them documented when you leave you may ask responsible teacher to confirm your participation with a certificate.

How to submit your digital portfolio and motivational letter

In addition to applying for courses you need to send your digital portfolio and motivational letter to us (same deadline as the course application). It should consist of approximately 5 samples that shows your recent artistic work.

Send your work samples and letter of motivation to with WeTransfer (if large files). 

Important dates

In the event of the dates below occurring on a weekend/holiday, the deadlines are postponed to the nearest weekday.

Nomination deadline

  • Spring semester: 3 October
  • Autumn semester: 1 April

Application deadline

  • Spring semester: 17 October
  • Autumn semester: 15 April

No late nominations or applications will be considered!

After the deadline

After the deadline our teachers will look through the applications and do the selection based on the artistic quality of the portfolio along with the motivational letter.

In addition we constantly have to adapt to the number of studio places accessible so whether or not we're able to offer a place may also depend on how many students, BA/MA, we expect to have when the term starts.


Practical information

Application instructions

On this website you will find application instructions:
Application instructions

Fact sheet for partner universities

On this website you will find fact sheet for partner universities:
Fact sheet for partner universities

International Student Guide

On this website you will find The International Student Guide:
The International Student Guide

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