Richard Slatter

Richard is interested in perception, how we relate to images and objects. In particular how 'uncomfortable truths' are perceived. How we package them, file them, address them or distance ourselves from them.

He is specifically conscious of how suggestion and deception can steer the viewer and how powerful and influential that can be.

He uses different mediums to address his concerns, as can be seen in his art works. Whether it be a film, an interactive sound installation or a series of ceramic sculptures. With the common thread being, that the more we are prepared to invest in a particular presentation the higher the likelihood we are to believe in the narrative and potentially have our perception shifted, by that interaction.

Exhibited works, degree exhibition

Caravan: (a collaborative work with Gazi Mrah, Daniel Westman and Micael Norberg), film (Cannon 5D Mark III and Mavic Pro M1P), 9.56 mins.

Foveró: (a collaborative work with Daniel Westman), steel box frame, fine mesh fabric, Raspberry Pi 4 computer, sensor and active speakers, 10 mins. sound loop

Seekers: slip cast, glazed, stoneware, 60 cm long x 17 cm high x 13 cm wide


by Richard Slatter (producer), Mrah Gazi (director), Daniel Westman (sound artist) and Micael Norberg (drone photography).


by Richard Slatter and Daniel Westman.


Richard Slatter, born 1970, Woking, Great Britain.

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