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Gideon Eillert

b. 1993, Hengelo, The Netherlands


To Meet You on Your Own Terms, 2023
Oil on linen

To Have no Need for Answers, 2023
Oil on linen

To Welcome It Back, 2023
Oil on linen

Gideon Eillert’s painting process is intuitive and open-ended. Concept initiates the process, but the deeper layers reveal themselves through unexpected turns. For him, this process is never truly finished, and the meaning of a work is never concluded. His concepts are based around the absurd and the ways in which people might encounter it as they try to find meaning and understanding in the world and each other. The absurd appears to Eillert as a misunderstanding between people and reality.

The paintings each depict something in particular but are simultaneously raw paint on a canvas. This puts them in a state of friction between being and non-being. In Sweden, Eillert has started exclusively painting objects from nature, yet treating them as individuals in a portrait-like format. Isolated from their environment, they must each find a relation to another complexity, meeting you on your own terms.

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