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Open positions

at UFBI and related institutes/labs.

Post-Doctoral position in Cognitive Neuroscience in Lyon, France

Plasticity induced by tool use and its impact on other cognitive functions. 

A 1 year (+ 1 possible further year) post-doc position is available for a talented and motivated researcher with interests in investigating the mechanisms underlying brain plasticity and learning in humans. This project investigates the temporal dynamic of brain plasticity during tool use and during learning of a new language. To this aim, real-time kinematic recording of upper limb movements as well as advanced functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging will be employed. The project is coordinated by Claudio Brozzoli within the Impact team of the Centre de Recherche en Neuroscience de Lyon (CRNL) and in collaboration with Alice Roy and Véronique Boulenger in Dynamique Du Language (DDL) laboratory in Lyon.

Please send CV and motivation letter to

Interviews will start the 27th of September 2021.


Skills and personal qualities

The candidate must have a PhD in neuroscience, cognitive science, engineering or any other relevant discipline for the project. She or he should have a strong interest in cognitive neuroscience, learning and brain plasticity as well as documented acquired competence in MRI techniques and univariate as well as multivariate analyses of neuroimaging data. Previous experience in projects dealing with embodied cognition, language learning or tool use in humans and previously acquired knowledge of the scientific literature relative to these topics, will be considered as very appealing advantages in the application. Proficiency in oral and written English is necessary. The candidate should have a good track record of successful scientific publications, and good programming skills.

Position duties

The candidate is expected to work within the general framework of the research project and to take part to the scientific activity at the level of the laboratory and the center. Main duties will be to review pertinent literature, participate in designing behavioral and neuroimaging experimental studies, run the behavioral and neuroimaging data collection, analyze the acquired data-sets, write reports and papers as well as disseminate the results of the research at national and international meetings and conferences.

Research group

The Impact research team (directors Denis Pelisson & Alessandro Farnè) is part of the Centre de Recherche en Neuroscience de Lyon (CRNL, director Olivier Bertrand). The work of the team focuses on the reciprocal interactions between perception and action, sensorimotor processes behind hand and eye movements, their behavioral adaptation and related brain plasticity. This research is applied to investigate body and space representations as well as sensorimotor learning. To address these issues we use a combination of behavioral, neuroimaging as well as brain stimulation methods. Facilities accessible from our lab include a 3T Siemens scanner, MEG, EEG, TMS, tDCS, kinematic recording and virtual reality laboratories. We are based at the INSERM U1028 “Impact” Lyon, France.