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As part of the masters program in cognitive science, UFBI runs an advanced-level course in functional brain imaging (formally under the regime of the Department of Integrative Medical Biology). While also addressing other neuroimaging techniques such as PET, the focus of the course is on fMRI from a theoretical and practical perspective.

As the course covers fMRI from research question to data analysis and interpretation, it is of great value that we have people that can address the different steps with appropriate knowledge, with Lars Nyberg and Johan Eriksson on research design, Greger Orädd on MR physics, and Alireza Salami on data analyses.

Often-appreciated parts of the course are the practical exercises. The students are visiting our MR research facilities at Norrland's University Hospital for demonstration of experimental setup and data collection, and are also working through examples of fMRI data analyses.

As PET becomes more and more an integrated modality within UFBI, for the future it may become of interest to expand the part on PET or introduce a separate PET course.

Course infromation on Brain imaging in English.


Courses at other Universities

Cajal course on Ageing cognition at Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, September 14 –October 2, 2020, Bordeaux, France.

Course directors: Luísa Lopes, Cheryl Grady and Nora Abrous.

About Ageing cognition: The normal ageing process is associated with reduced performance on cognitive tasks that require quickly processing or transforming information to make a decision, including measures of speed of processing, executive cognitive function and working and relational memories. This course will cover the fundamentals of cognitive aging -including inter-individual differences, cognitive and brain reserve and risk factors- and highlight the newest functional imaging methods to study human brain function. Participants will learn the potential and limitations of these methods, through practical experience in a combination of lectures addressing ageing in both humans and animal models.

Apply here:

Application deadline: May 25, 2020.