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Image: Mattias Pettersson

Working at Umeå University

At Umeå University, you get good opportunities for professional development with several opportunities to increase your competence, to specialise or to broaden your skills. You become a part of a creative work environment with an atmosphere characterised by closeness between disciplines, which stimulates new exciting collaborations.

Umeå University is one of Sweden's largest universities with just over 4,000 employees. It is an international environment with great diversity - a culture in constant discussion and change. We have long been at the forefront in several areas and are today one of the best in the class when it comes to the proportion of female professors.

Employees at Umeå University

Our employees are curious, ambitious and focused on development. We think that competence development is important and have internal development programs for, for example, pedagogical competence development, research management and leadership. We encourage and provide opportunities for exchange of experience, participation in projects, network creation and international cooperation.

Whether you will be working with research, education, technology, administration or service, you will always work with and close to the expert knowledge. This is what makes the university an exciting and different workplace where no two days are the same.

Employee in the public sector

Umeå University is a public sector institution, which means that you become a part of our important assignment to conduct research, educate and spread knowledge for the greater good of science, and also to contribute to greater democracy.
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All public institutions in Sweden share basic values that specify our responsibility to conduct our operations in an accessible and efficient way in line with national legislation. Vision and basic values

Benefits for you

As an employee, you are one of our most important resources for us to achieve our goal of being a world-class university. We strive to offer a safe workplace with a stimulating work environment and equal conditions for all. As an employee, you are covered by central collective agreements that regulate general terms of employment for all government employees, such as salary, other benefits, working hours, holidays and parental leave.

Umeå University offer a wide variety of benefits that promote a good work-life balance, such as:

  • Paid holiday leave (at least 28 days per calendar year, but often more)
  • Fitness reimbursement
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses
  • Doctor visits during paid working hours
  • Occupational health services
  • Parental leave

For research and teaching staff
The intellectual property rights of academic staff provide researchers and teachers at Swedish institutions of higher education with the right to the research output they produce at work. That gives you a unique opportunity to apply for patents for your results to sell the knowledge on, or to move forward as an entrepreneur yourself.

Your development is important to us. That's why Umeå University allows teachers to spend a certain percentage of their annual working hours on professional development. It's also important to us that you have the chance to successfully combine education and instruction with research.

For more information
For questions about the collective agreement and benefits of working at Umeå University, please contact the person specified on the job advertisement.




Listen to five professors share their views on the positive research climate at Umeå University.

"To be honest, I love it. When I came I was excited about the completely different environment to Russia. It's more open and easier to communicate".

Lev Novikov, Professor in Anatomy at the Department of Integrative Medical Biology at Umeå University


"Umeå University is a very open university. It's a very flat, non-hierarchical environment where a lot of people find it easy to get to know each other".

Camilla Sandström, Professor in Political Science at the Department of Political Science at Umeå University


"Compared to Finland there is much more international people here and in that way a good environment".

Mikko Lammi, Professor in Histology at the Department of Integrative Medical Biology at Umeå University


"The facilities are good, supported and well-managed. There's a broad and international outlook".

Oliver Billker, Professor in Biotechnology and Director of MIMS, Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden at Umeå University


"We have a campus with close access to everyone from different disciplines and I'm sure that this special environment with humble and curious people has helped me in my research to reach out beyond my own field".

Lotta Vikström, Professor in History at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Umeå University


Quick facts about Umeå University

Students: over 30,000
Teachers/researchers: over 2,000
Employees: over 4,000
Founded in: 1965 as the fifth university in Sweden

Did you know that Umeå University ...
• lies within biking distance of the entire city?
• has its own ice-skating rink on the university pond in winter?
• is located right next to the best university hospital in Sweden?