The Font

Laut is an all caps font designed specifically for the UID23 event. The design is a chunky heavyweight with only capitals, numbers, punctuation and a few symbols that make the set of each style up to 127 glyphs.

A variable version of Laut is currently in the making. The font is designed by Giuliano Garonzi and engineered by Giulio Grigollo.

Laut is a font family of four: Laut Stereo, Laut MonoLauter Stereo and Lauter Mono. The difference between Stereo and Mono is that of proportioned and monospaced. While the difference between Laut and Lauter lays in its vertical transformation.

Laut is free to use both on non-commercial and commercial work.

Download the Laut font family

Laut Stereo

Lauter Stereo

Laut Mono

Lauter Mono


Latest update: 2023-06-01