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Collaborate with us

USBE has well-developed forms of regional, national and international co-operation with the business community, the public sector and selected partner universities.

Co-operation makes good use of our strengths as well as those of our collaborators, and improves the quality of both teaching and research. The business community and the public sector can cooperate with our researchers and students in various ways, for example, by means of projects, events, prizes, work-shops, seminars, guest lectures, dissertations, internships, case studies. In this way conditions for mutual exchange are created by us, which is beneficial to all parties involved. A strong and dynamic research and education environment together with a professional innovation support system contributes to social development.

Career Center at USBE

Through our Career Center we help preparing students for the future, and stay in touch with our graduate students. Fellow alumni activities are held regularly on various occasions in Stockholm and Umeå.

The Career Center aids students in preparing them for entry into the labour market. An important component of this commitment is opening the door to the labour market by means of guest lectures given by representatives of the business community and of various organizations, who talk about their profession, their experiences, abilities and skills which may be important to develop.


Students following our professional degree and masters programs can opt for an internship of 10 weeks. Yearly about ninety students chose to make use of internships both in Sweden and abroad. What happens is that students contact companies which they find interesting, after which an agreement is signed between the student, the company and USBE. An internship helps students to gain experience: the students challenge themselves and learn about the company and how things work, and about what they can contribute to the company. Internships also secures a way to access valuable networks and provides opportunities for future references. A number of our students have also been offered jobs with the companies where their job practice took place.

Examples of cooperation

• Guest lecturers
• Case studies
• Company visit
• Company presentations
• Carrier lectures
• Recruitment support
• Internships
• Thesis assignments


Latest update: 2023-03-29