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We provide an excellent academic environment where teaching is closely linked to theory and practice. The knowledge and skills gained in the course of study give the students a solid foundation in business administration, economics and statistics and allow them to choose a specialization in various fields.

We offer 12 programs and about 150 courses to select from and also great opportunities to follow part of the study program abroad. Each year we also accept a large number of exchange students from different parts of the world. Together with our researchers the international students contribute to making our study and work environment more dynamic and diverse.

Undergraduate Program

Statistics Program 180 credits

Professional Degree Programs

(Integrated Undergraduate and Master level programs)

Business Administration and Economics Program* 240 credits
Service Management Program 240 credits
Retail and Supply Chain Management Program 240 credits

Conducted in English

The International Business Program* 240 credits

* In these programs it is possible to choose to specialize in either the fields of business administration or in economics.

Master's Programs conducted in English

Master's Program in Accounting 120 credits
Master's Program in Business Development and Internationalisation, 120 credits
Master's Program in Economics 120 credits
Master's Program in Finance 120 credits
Master's Program in Management 120 credits
Master's Program in Marketing 120 credits
Master's Program in Statistical Sciences 60 credits

Single Subject Courses
Single Subject Courses

USBE offers a wide variety of courses in business administration, economics and statistics.

Doctoral studies
Doctoral studies

USBE offers doctoral education within Business Administration, Economics and Statistics.

Studies abroad
Studies abroad

All our programs are adapted to facilitate study abroad.