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Studies abroad

All programs at USBE have at least one semester open for studies abroad, and some of the programs have as many as three semesters designed for studies abroad.

USBE is a top school at Umeå University with regards to student mobility. Of all the students who go on to study abroad under the Erasmus exchange program, 50% come from USBE.

Almost half of our students following the Professional Degree Programs study abroad in their third year, and one-fourth of our Professional Degree Programs and Master's Programs students do the same at the advanced level.

Partner Universities

We have about 70 partner universities, chiefly in Europe, but also in Brazil, China, Mexico, South Africa, and South Korea – all of them selected especially for our students. Students who would like to study farther away can avail themselves of Umeå University's global agreement offering an opportunity to study in North America, Oceania, and Asia.

USBE Partner Universities

Incoming Exchange Students

We welcome every year nearly 200 incoming students from all over the world and these students contribute to the international and dynamic education environment we have at USBE.

The Per & Eivor Wikström Foundation

The aim of the Foundation is to support cooperation and integration in the teaching, research, and study of economics and law in French-speaking countries. The Foundation tries to achieve this aim primarily by funding scholarships granted to individual researchers and students at USBE at Umeå University.

Oskar in Turin

Oskar chose to study in Italy.

Latest update: 2024-04-08