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Doctoral studies in Business Administration

Business Administration targets various aspects of companies and organizations and their relationship to society at large. The research is multifaceted and includes both an analytical/prescriptive orientation, which applies quantitative methods, and a more understanding-oriented and interpretive orientation, where qualitative methods are common. Doctoral studies are carried out within one of the five disciplines: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, or Management.

At the business school, new students are accepted into the programme only after the advertisement of available positions.

Open positions are advertised here.

In the General Study Plan, the principal document that guides the doctoral education at the department, you can, for example, find the course requirements, read about how the education is structured, and what the expected learning outcomes are.

General Study Plan for Doctoral Studies in Business Administration

More general information about Third-cycle education at Umeå university (i.e., the doctoral level) can be found here.

Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ)

How often are students admitted to the education?

Given that all Doctoral student positions are funded, new students can only be recruited and admitted when funding is available. Therefore, there are no regular admission dates. The aim is, however, to recruit about 2-3 new students yearly.

How can I find out when positions are available?

Whenever a doctoral position is available, it is advertised on our recruitment webpage. If you visit the page, you can easily subscribe to get notified when there is a vacant position.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the education?

Eligibility is determined at the admission stage based on basic and special eligibility criteria. Check your qualifications against sections 2.1 and 2.2 in the General Study Plan to assess if you are eligible.

How do I go about applying?

In each advertisement of available positions, information about specific requirements and how to apply is given. Read instructions carefully. All applications must be submitted via the university online system Varbi. A unique link to the system is available in each advertisement. Applications via e-mail are not handled.

Do I need to have a supervisor before I can apply?

No. Supervisors are assigned to doctoral students only after admittance to the education. There is no need to seek contact with potential supervisors before admittance.

Can I study whatever topic I want?

The doctoral studies in Business Administration are individualized, meaning that the students can influence their education and choice of topic. However, if an available position is part of a larger research project, the advertisement might stipulate the direction of the studies.

How long is the doctoral education?

The doctoral education is a total of 240 ECTS, which corresponds to 4 years of full-time studies. In addition to this, the unit may decide that service should be included in the employment. Normally, such service consists of teaching corresponding to 20 percent of the annual working time beginning with the second year of study. The studies are extended corresponding to the institutional service carried out.

Will I be paid for during my doctoral studies?

Yes. Upon admission, you will also be employed as a doctoral student. The employment includes four years of full-time studies plus departmental service of maximum 20%. The employment contract is renewed yearly, and the salary level is regulated by a centrally negotiated agreement starting at about 30,000 SEK/month.

Director of Doctoral Studies

Latest update: 2023-09-05