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Carina Lundberg
Charlotta Svonni

Charlotta Svonni is a doctor in history and education with a focus on Sámi and Indigenous education.


Christina Storm Mienna


Associate Professor of Odontology

Senior consultant dentist in Oral Physiology

Director of Várdduo - Centre for Sámi Research

Erik Törnlund
Gudrun Norstedt

I study forest history, primarily Sami historical use of land and resources.

Krister Stoor

Associate professor at the Department of Language Studies/Sámi dutkan. Intellectual Indigenous traditions are my research interests. 

Kristina Sehlin Macneil

I am an Associate Professor and a Researcher/Deputy Director at Várdduo and the Co-Director for FADC. My research interests include conflicts between extractive industries and Indigenous peoples.

Marja Labba
Per Axelsson
Peter Sköld

I am professor of history, Sami culture and society development at Umeå University. I am advisor to the vice-chancellor in arctic and international issues, and Master of Ceremony at Umeå University.

Åsa Össbo

I am a researcher at Várdduo. My research intersts are social consequences of and conflicts over natural resource extraction, mainly hydropower production, in Indigenous peoples' areas.

Latest update: 2023-10-18