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Before arrival - checklist

Depending on your starting-point and background, there are several things you might need to arrange prior to your travel to Sweden.

Before arrival - checklist

A valid passport is needed

Make sure to extend your passport if it is about to expire – you cannot obtain a work/residence permit for longer than your passport's period of validity. This also applies to your family, if they accompany you.

Other documentation and certificates you might need

During your stay in Sweden, you will need certain documents or information for administrative procedures. Make sure you arrive in Sweden with all the documents that you are likely to require. It will be easier to get hold of documents while you are still in your country than retrospectively to seek them once you are in Sweden. We recommend that you bring the following documents with you:

  • The original certificate of your highest qualification
  • A proof of funding (work contract/ offer of employment letter – original documents and copies)
  • Your birth certificate (original document and copies) for you and each accompanying family member.
  • Your marriage certificate if your spouse accompanies you (original document and copies). When applying for a Swedish identity number you will also need proof of that you and your partner have lived together during the time of 6 month before moving to Sweden.
  • Your children's school reports (if applicable)
  • Vaccination certificates and medical records for you and your accompanying family
  • A copy of your most recent tax return (if available)
  • If you wish to drive in Sweden: your valid driving licence as well as international insurance certificate and vehicle registration document for your car.

Apply for a permit if needed 

If you are a citizen from a non-EU country you might need a visa, residence permit, work permit or guest permit depending on the length of your stay and what you will do. Read the information about permits carefully. Note that, if you are a researcher you do not need a work permit but a permit as a researcher. 
Read more about what permit you should apply for. 

The HR at your host department will help you with the relevant documents needed when applying for a permit. Remember that you need a valid permit throughout your stay to be able to study, research or work in Sweden. 

Register in Sweden to get an identity number

If you move to Sweden and intend to live here for a year or more, you should normally register as a resident at the nearest office of the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). Once you do so, you will receive a unique 10-digit personal identification number (personnummer). This id-number is used for a whole range of transactions in the Swedish society, such as acquiring an identity card, opening a bank account with full features and when signing agreements for example to get internet access at home. 

There are specific requirements to fulfill, make sure that you have read and understood the registration procedure and that you bring the correct documentation with you. There might be some documents that you must obtain in your home country before relocating to Sweden so it is important that you look into this in good time befor arrival.
Read more about register in Sweden

Watch the films New in Sweden and learn more about what you have to bring, how to apply for an ID card and other useful information.
New in Sweden

Tax Agency information to scholarship holders
Information about S1-certificate Your Europe
Swedish Tax Agency Office website

Your insurance in Sweden

The Swedish insurance system consists of different parts. Depending on your individual situation you may be covered by all or some parts. The length of your stay and your assignment here determine your insurance coverage.

Contact your HR-support or head of department to find out more about your insurance in Sweden. 

Information about insurances

If you are accompanied by a partner or family

Your spouse/partner and your children can accompany you to Sweden for the duration of your stay. They may also need to get a visa or a residence permit, depending on their citizenship and length of stay. 

Accompanying family

Childcare and school

Information about the Swedish schooling system and how to apply for childcare and schools in Umeå.


Dual Career Programme

Your partner/spouse are welcome to attend Umeå Universitys Dual Career Programme. The programme contains seminars intended to provide support for job search and education possibilities as well as access to a social network.
Dual career programme

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