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Quantitative 3D OPT and LSFM datasets of pancreata from mice with streptozotocin-induced Diabetes.  Max Hah, Christoffer Nord, Pim P. van Krieken, Per-Olof Berggren, Erwin Ilegems & Ulf Ahlgren. Scientific Data, Sep 10, 2022 (9)558. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41597-022-01546-5

Insulin-Binding Peptide Probes Provide a Novel Strategy for Pancreatic β-Cell Imaging. Eriksson M, Litwak SA, Yun Y, Stanley WJ, Thorn P, Ahlgren U, Gurzov EN. Mol Pharm. 2021, 18, 12, 4428–4436 doi: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.1c00616. https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.1c00616

3D imaging of human organs with micrometer resolution - applied to the endocrine pancreas. Hahn M, Nord C, Eriksson M, Morini F, Alanentalo T, Korsgren O, Ahlgren U. Commun Biol. 2021 Sep 10;4(1):1063. doi:10.1038/s42003-021-02589-x.

Gsα-dependent signaling is required for postnatal establishment of a functional β-cell mass. Serra-Navarro B, Fernandez-Ruiz R, García-Alamán A, Pradas-Juni M, Fernandez-Rebollo E, Esteban Y, Mir-Coll J, Mathieu J, Dalle S, Hahn M, Ahlgren U, Weinstein LS, Vidal J, Gomis R, Gasa R. Mol Metab. 2021 Jun 4;53:101264. doi: 10.1016/j.molmet.2021.101264. 

Insights into the etiology and physiopathology of MODY5/HNF1B pancreatic phenotype with a mouse model of the human disease. Quilichini E, Fabre M, Nord C, Dirami T, Le Marec A, Cereghini S, Pasek RC, Gannon M, Ahlgren U, Haumaitre C. J Pathol. 2021 May;254(1):31-45. doi:10.1002/path.5629.

Topologically selective islet vulnerability and self-sustained downregulation of markers for β-cell maturity in streptozotocin-induced diabetes.
Max Hahn, Pim P. van Krieken, Christoffer Nord, Tomas Alanentalo, Federico Morini, Yan Xiong, Maria Eriksson, Jüergn Mayer, Elena Kostromina, Jorge L. Ruas, James Sharpe, Teresa Pereira, Per-Olof Berggren, Erwin Ilegems & Ulf Ahlgren. Communications Biology. Volume 3, Article number: 541 (2020). https://www.nature.com/articles/s42003-020-01243-2

Mesoscopic 3D imaging of pancreatic cancer and Langerhans islets based on tissue autofluorescence. Max Hahn, Christoffer Nord, Oskar Franklin, Tomas Alanentalo, Martin Isaksson Mettävainio, Federico Morini, Maria Eriksson, Olle Korsgren, Malin Sund & Ulf Ahlgren. Scientific Reports (2020) Oct 26;10(1):18246. doi:10.1038/s41598-020-74616-6.

Early deficits in insulin secretion, beta cell mass and islet blood perfusion precede onset of autoimmune type 1 diabetes in BioBreeding rats. Anya Medina, Saba Parween, Sara Ullsten, Neelanjan Vishnu, Yuk Ting Siu, My Quach, Hedvig Bennet, Alexander Balhuizen, Lina Åkesson, Nils Wierup, Per Ola Carlsson, Ulf Ahlgren, Åke Lernmark, Malin Fex. Diabetologia volume 61, pages896–905(2018).

The efect of hypergastrinemia following sleeve gastrectomy and pantoprazole on type 2 diabetes mellitus and beta‑cell mass in Goto‑Kakizaki rats E. Grong, C. Nord, I. B. Arbo, M. Eriksson, B. E. Kulseng,U. Ahlgren, R. Mårvik
Journal of Endocrinological Investigation volume 41, pages691–701(2018)

Kinetics of functional beta cell mass decay in a diphtheria toxin receptor mouse model of diabetes. Pim P. van Krieken, Andrea Dicker, Maria Eriksson, Pedro L. Herrera, Ulf Ahlgren, Per-Olof Berggren & Erwin Ilegems.
Scientific Reports volume 7, Article number: 12440 (2017)

Biochemical profiling of diabetes disease progression by multivariate vibrational microspectroscopy of the pancreas. Nord C, Eriksson M, Dicker A, Eriksson A, Grong E, Ilegems E, Mårvik R, Kulseng B, Berggren PO, Gorzsás A, Ahlgren U. Scientific Reports. 2017 Jul 27;7(1):6646. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-07015-z.

Spatial and quantitative datasets of pancreatic β-cell mass in lean and obese mice. Parween S, Eriksson M, Nord C, Kostromina E, Ahlgren U. Scientific Data, 2017 Scientific Data 4, Article number: 170031.

Intra-islet lesions and lobular variations in β-cell mass expansion in ob/ob mice revealed by 3D imaging of intact pancreas. Parween S, Kostromina E, Nord C, Eriksson M, Lindström P, Ahlgren U. Scientific Reports. 2016 Oct 7;6:34885.

Ex vivo SPECT-OPT multimodal imaging enables accurate evaluation of radiotracers for β-cell mass assessments. Eter WA, Parween S, Joosten L, Frielink C, Eriksson M, Brom M, Ahlgren U, Gotthardt M. Scientific Reports. 2016 Apr 15;6:24576. Co-senior authorship.

Sleeve gastrectomy, but not duodenojejunostomy, preserves total beta-cell mass in Goto-Kakizaki rats evaluated by three-dimensional optical projection tomography. Grong E, Kulseng B, Arbo IB, Nord C, Eriksson M, Ahlgren U, Mårvik R. Surg Endosc. 2016 Feb;30(2):532-42.

Light scattering as an intrinsic indicator for pancreatic islet cell mass and secretion. Ilegems E, van Krieken PP, Edlund PK, Dicker A, Alanentalo T, Eriksson M, Mandic S, Ahlgren U, Berggren PO. Scientific Reports. 2015 Jun 1;5:10740.

Improving signal detection in emission optical projection tomography via single source multi-exposure image fusion. Cheddad A, Nord C, Hörnblad A, Prunskaite-Hyyryläinen R, Eriksson M, Georgsson F, Vainio SJ, Ahlgren U. Opt Express. 2013 Jul 15;21(14):16584-604.

Neurogenin 3+ Cells Contribvute to Beta Cell Neogenesis and proliferation in in injured adult mouse pancreas. Neurogenin 3+ cells contribute to β-cell neogenesis and proliferation in injured adult mouse pancreas. Van de Casteele M, Leuckx G, Baeyens L, Cai Y, Yuchi Y, Coppens V, De Groef S, Eriksson M, Svensson C, Ahlgren U, Ahnfelt-Rønne J, Madsen OD, Waisman A, Dor Y, Jensen JN, Heimberg H. Cell Death and Disease, 2013 Mar 7;4:e523. 

Near infrared optical projection tomography for assessments of b-cell mass distribution in diabetes research. A. U. Eriksson 1,5, C. Svensson1,5, A. Hörnblad1, A. Cheddad1, 6, E. Kostromina1, M. Eriksson1, N. Norlin1,7, A. Pileggi2, J. Sharpe3, F. Georgsson4, T. Alanentalo1,8 & U. Ahlgren1 ,* J Vis Exp, 2013 Jan 12;(71). Svensson C, Sharpe J, Georgsson F, Ahlgren U. Image Processing Assisted Algorithms for Optical Projection Tomography. IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 2012 Jan;31(1):1-15.

Hörnblad, A. Cheddad and U. Ahlgren. An improved protocol for optical projection tomography imaging reveals lobular heterogeneities in pancreatic islet and β-cell mass distribution. Islets, 2011, Jul-Aug;3(4):204-8. Epub 2011 Jul 1.

Andreas Hörnblad, Anna U. Eriksson, Elisabeth Sock, Robert E. Hill and Ulf Ahlgren. Impaired spleen formation perturbs morphogenesis of the gastric lobe of the pancreas. PLoS One, 2011;6(6):e21753. Epub 2011 Jun 30. 

Fredrik Wolfhagen Sand, Andreas Hörnblad Jenny K. Johansson, Christina Lorén, Josefina Edc sbagge, Anders Ståhlberg, Judith Magenheim, Ohad Ilovich, Eyal Mishani, Yuval Dor, Ulf Ahlgren and Henrik Semb. Growth-limiting role of endothelial cells in endoderm development. Developmental Biology, 2011, Apr 15;352(2):267-77.

Tomas Alanentalo, Andreas Hörnblad, Sofia Mayans, Anna Karin Nilsson, James Sharpe , Åsa Larefalk, Ulf Ahlgren., Dan Holmberg. Co-senior authorship. Quantification and 3-D imaging of the insulitis-induced destruction of β-cells in murine Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes, 2010 Jul;59(7):1756-64.

Alanentalo T, Lorén C. E, Larefalk Å, Sharpe J, Holmberg D and Ahlgren U. High resolution 3D imaging of islet-infiltrate interactions based on optical projection tomography assessments of the intact adult mouse pancreas. J Biomed Opt, 2008 Sept/Oct; 13(5):054070-1-054070-4.

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Ahlgren U, Jonsson J, Jonsson L, Simu K, Edlund H. beta-cell-specific inactivation of the mouse Ipf1/Pdx1 gene results in loss of the beta-cell phenotype and maturity onset diabetes. Genes & Development 1998 Jun 15;12(12):1763-8.

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Reviews and book chapters:

3D optical molecular imaging of the rodent pancreas by OPT and LSFM. Max Hahn and Ulf Ahlgren. 2022 Accepted for Publication in Methods in Molecular Biology

Mesoscopic Optical Imaging of the Pancreas-Revisiting Pancreatic Anatomy and Pathophysiology. Alanentalo T, Hahn M, Willekens SMA, Ahlgren U. Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2021 Mar 4;12:633063. doi:10.3389/fendo.2021.633063. (Review)

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