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Destroying the Past – Salvaging the Remains

Tid Torsdag 21 april, 2022 kl. 14:00 - 16:00
Plats HC206

Högre seminariet i arkeologi och miljöarkeologi bjuder in till seminarium med David Loeffler. Seminariet har den engelska titeln "Destroying the Past – Salvaging the Remains. Dams, archaeology and research in Sweden"

Abstract: (på engelska): Sweden has a long tradition of heritage management, not least as concerns archaeological sites documented along water systems altered by hydroelectric power plants and dams. In spite of this a vast majority of sites situated near regulated waterways have been or are being destroyed without ever having been discovered and/or documented. This is a situation both known and completely ignored by those institutions entrusted with preserving, protecting and documenting the past. Fieldwork and a twenty year experiment designed to study the effects of water erosion on both features and artefact distribution has shown that these sites still have the potential to yield meaningful archaeological information despite the fact that they have regularly been inundated and exposed to erosion during the last 80 years. The results of this discovery and the methods employed are presented here.

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Evenemangstyp: Seminarium
David Loeffler
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Malcolm Christopher Lillie
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