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Digital Activism and Global Indigeneity in Sami Popular Music

Tid Måndag 4 mars, 2019 kl. 13:30 - 15:00
Plats Faepmie (Fatmomakke) Norra beteendevetarhuset, Plan 4.

Abstract: In the twenty-first century, digital markets are increasingly creating not only new audiences and consumption patterns for popular music, but also new venues to forge artistic and ideological alliances that circumvent geographic realities. This research examines how contemporary Sami musicians have harnessed the potential of digital spaces, which often function as mechanisms of capitalism, to instead provide new infrastructures for an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial global Indigenous movement. My research illuminates how the border-crossing legacies of Sami music continue on a global scale to forge Indigenous alliances built around similar political goals and discourses.

Evenemangstyp: Seminarium
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