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European Research Council

Högre seminarium: Anna Baranowska-Rataj

Onsdag 15 maj, 2019 kl. 10:15 - 12:00
C304, Beteendevetarhuset

Anna Baranowska-Rataj, forskare vid Sociologiska institutionen. Anna bedriver forskning om hälsa och välbefinnande genom livet. Bland annat undersöker hon hur övergång till arbetslöshet kan leda till psykisk ohälsa hos individen och även hur den kan spridas vidare inom familjen,

HEALFAM project provides systematic evidence on the diffusion of the health effects of unemployment among family members. It investigates how becoming unemployed affects health outcomes of partners, children and elderly parents of the unemployed and whether the magnitudes of these influences differ across families and societies. Thus, instead of viewing the unemployed as functioning in isolation, HEALFAM assesses the consequences of unemployment for family members taking a multi-actor perspective and international comparative approach. Apart from discussing research ideas, this seminar will be also an opportunity to share some experiences related to applying for ERC funding.

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Seminariet ges på engelska.

Personalbild Anna Baranowska-Rataj
Anna Baranowska-Rataj
Forskare, universitetslektor
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