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Humlab IKT-lunch: Enhancing classroom interaction

Tid Måndag 10 december, 2018 kl. 12:00 - 13:00
Plats Humlab, under UB

Interactive lectures & seminars: enhancing classroom interaction with web-based response systems

Note that this session was moved forward to this date!

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Interactive online audience response tools can help tutors to enhance communication in the classroom thereby increasing attention, interest, preparation, and retention of class materials by the students. Using real-time audience response systems, students can use their own smartphones or laptops to respond to questions asked in class by the professor. Alternatively, students can respond in writing to a question or brainstorm content, or evaluate a lecture, seminar or course: all in real time. You can allow students to be anonymous or not; that is your choice. Tutors can get instant feedback from their students to determine how well they understand the material presented.

This is a hands-on interactive workshop where tutors will see and experience available interactive tools at Humfak such as:
• Kahoot
• Mentimeter
• Padlet

Arrangör: Humlab
Evenemangstyp: Kurs/Utbildning