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The burning footprint of fire in the human-landscape interaction

Tid Torsdag 2 maj, 2024 kl. 15:00 - 17:00
Plats Via Zoom

Högre seminariet i arkeologi och miljöarkeologi bjuder in till seminarium med Dr. Sara Saeidi, State Office for Cultural Heritage Beden-Württemberg, Germany. Seminariet ges på engelska och har den engelska titeln "The burning footprint of fire in the human-landscape interaction: examples from the Middle East to Central Europe across Millennia".

Abstract (på engelska):

Comprehending how human activities have influenced and shaped natural environments is essential for understanding sustainability and human-environmental adaptations. The human impact on the environment exhibits a non-homogenous pattern influenced by various factors, including geographical and historical contexts also socioeconomic developments. Fire, both as a land management tool in human hands and as a natural element, has also played a significant role in shaping past ecosystems and landscapes. In the Holocene evidence of the burning episodes and fire events, both naturally and anthropogenic, is preserved in various archives, including lake sediments, peat, soil profiles, and tree rings, offering insights into landscape dynamics.

In this presentation, I will discuss the findings of multidisciplinary studies integrating palaeoecology, history, and archaeology. Through the analysis of diverse proxies such as pollen and charcoal from different archives, I will showcase different examples from the prehistoric southeastern corner of the Fertile Crescent and the medieval northern alpine forelands to highlight the complex interactions among human, fire, and landscape.

Läs mer om Dr. Saeidi:

Linkedln: linkedin.com/in/sara-saeidi-29b90852

Researchgate: researchgate.net/profile/Sara_Saeedi5 



Obs! Seminariet ges på engelska.

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