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Symposium “Current topics in evolutionary biology”

Tid Torsdag 5 september, 2019 kl. 10:00 - 16:30
Plats KBG501, KBC

This symposium is organized to honor Barbara Giles, who became Professor Emerita this summer, after a long active career as a teacher and researcher. Her passion for teaching and science has inspired generations of students in biology and promoted unique research in plant ecology and evolution at EMG. We celebrate her career with this symposium when old friends and colleagues gather to present their thoughts and views on evolutionary issues. We hope this will also boost more interest in cross boundary research at EMG.


Chair of the morning session: Xiao-Ru Wang, EMG
10:00: Jon Moen, Prefect EMG. Opening
~ 10:30. Barbara Giles, Prof. emerita, EMG. Reflections, questions and Silene (of course)
10:30: Lars Ericson, Prof. emeritus, EMG. Skeppsvik's archipelago
11:00: Short break
11:10: Jeremy Burdon, Prof. emeritus, CSIRO, Canberra. The dynamics of a host-pathogen system in space and time
11:40: Folmer Bokma, University of Oslo. Why mass extinction and not mass adaptation?
12:10 – 13: 30: Lunch break

Chair of the afternoon session: Johanna Leppälä, EMG
13:40: Frank Johansson, Uppsala University. The evolution of sex differences in wing shape and wing coloration
14:10: Per Stenberg, EMG. Swedish Biodiversity In Time and Space
14:40: Göran Englund, EMG. A regime shift caused by predator driven speciation
15:10 - 15:30: Coffee break
15:30: David Hall, EMG. Seed orchards as a tool to estimate relative gene flow
16:00: Xiao-Ru Wang, EMG. Dissecting confounding signals in selection detection

Evenemangstyp: Konferens