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Publicerad: 2017-10-17

2017 Erik Kempe Award

NYHET Umeå University is host institution for the Erik Kempe Award, which is a biennial award for best published article in the area of environmental and resource economics.

This year’s Erik Kempe Award goes to Mads Greaker, Statistics Norway, and Kristoffer Midttømme, Menon Economics, Norway, for their article “Optimal Environmental Policy with Network Effects: Will Pigouvian Taxation Lead to Excess Inertia?”, published in Journal of Public Economics 143, 27-38, 2016.

The Award-winners will receive their prize at the Umeå University Annual Celebration Ceremony and give their lecture TECHNOLOGY SHIFTS, PATH DEPENDENCY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY on Saturday, October 21, at 11.40 in Lecture Hall C, Social Science Buildning.

2017 Erik Kempe Award: Mads GREAKER and Kristoffer MIDTTØMME