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Publicerad: 25 mar, 2015

Call for abstracts: “Beyond the nuclear family: the philosophy of close personal relationships”

NYHET Den 10-11 september ges en konferens vid Umeå universitet som behandlar normativa frågor om familjen och nära personliga relationer. Doktorander och nydisputerade är välkomna att lämna in abstracts senast den 19 april.

Conference: "Beyond the nuclear family: the philosophy of close personal relationships”

10-11 September 2015, Umeå University

Target: Graduate students and recent PhDs.

We invite submissions for papers to be presented at the conference “Beyond the nuclear family: the philosophy of close personal relationships”, funded by the Riksbankens Jubileumfond – The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Science. The conference addresses normative questions concerning close personal relationships and the family, such as: the relationship between family values and family structures, the value of the family and caring relationships, the prospect of the marriage-free state, procreative liberty and procreative responsibility.

Speakers: David Archard (Queen’s University), Elizabeth Brake (Arizona State University), Clare Chambers (University of Cambridge), Daniela Cutas (Umeå/Gothenburg), Anca Gheaus (Umeå/Sheffield), Kalle Grill (Umeå University), Mianna Lotz (Macquarie University), Bonnie Steinbock (University of Albany), Anna Smajdor (University of East Anglia) and Adam Swift (University of Warwick).

We have reserved three slots in the conference programme for graduate students and recent PhDs working on these topics. We will cover local meals and accommodation costs for the duration of the conference for these three speakers, as well as a refund of up to 3000 SEK of travel costs. We welcome abstracts of up to 300 words (excluding references) at agheaus@gmail.com. Please write your name and affiliation on top of the abstract.

Possible topics:

  • The value of close personal relationships and the family
  • The relationship between commitment to romantic relationships and commitment to parenting
  • Moral responsibility in close personal relationships and the family
  • Analyses of changes to relationship, marital and parenting norms
  • Co-parenting beyond the nuclear family
  • Caring beyond the nuclear family

Deadline: April 19.

Conference website


Anca Gheaus
Email: anca.gheaus@umu.se

Redaktör: Sandra Olsson