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Huvudmenyn dold.
Publicerad: 2011-11-10

"For your nice work, good idea, and involvement"

NYHET Sangram Shirke och Leena Naqvi, från masterprogrammet LSAP kommer att representera vid Arkitekturbiennalen i Venedig 2012.

Arkitekthögskolan kan stolt annonsera att Sangram Shirke och Leena Naqvi kommer att representera Arkitekthögskolan och Sverige vid Arkitekturbiennalen i Venedig 2012.
De två masterstudenterna deltog med ett projekt i Gaudi studenttävling. Av 130 bidrag fick deras projekt ett särskilt omnämnande och kommer att ställas ut tillsammans med de vinnande projekten vid Arkitekturbiennalen i Venedig 2012.

Juryns utlåtande: In the third biennial round of gau:di the Jury was pleased to notice an attentive lecture of the project aim by the participating students.A responsive approach to public and community needs through a multi-functional and politically as economically “easy to develop” market hall for social interaction was demanded.The Jury remarked a high quality of urban analysis through sustainable methods of mapping, including cultural, social, anthropological and ecological as much as economic aspects.The ten winning and five remarked projects represent models for a needs-driven architectural practice that we want to encourage and develop with this competition.They are respectful to the chosen site, its culture, resources and human needs but radical in their overall demand, innovation and engagement. Jana Revedin arch. phd