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Publicerad: 2020-05-27

Handelshögskolans vetenskapliga pris 2020

NYHET Handelshögskolans forskningsinstitut introducerade 2017 ett forskningspris USBE Scientific Award i ämnena företagsekonomi, nationalekonomi och statistik. Tanken med de vetenskapliga priserna är att uppmuntra vetenskapligt skrivande inom de olika disciplinerna.

Medhanie Gaim är mottagare av Handelshögskolans vetenskapliga pris i Företagsekonomi 2020. Läs prismotivering och se video.

Sonal Yadav är mottagare av Handelshögskolans vetenskapliga pris i Nationalekonomi 2020. Läs prismotiveringen och se video.

Anita Lindmark är mottagare av Handelshögskolans vetenskapliga pris i Statistik 2020. Läs prismotiveringen och se video.

Prismotiveringar och videos

Medhanie Gaim is the recipient of the 2020 USBE Scientific Award in Business Administration

Medhanie Gaim defended his thesis "Paradox as the new normal: Essays on framing, managing and sustaining organizational tensions" in 2017. Based on this thesis, Medhanie was awarded the prestigious Handelsbanken’s Wallander Scholarship.

After having successfully defended his dissertation Gaim has demonstrated his skills and strengths as a researcher by receiving multiple grants, publishing in well-respected and top ranked journals, been accepted for a two-year postdoc at Stanford University (USA), and developed strong and consistent ties with researchers within and outside of USBE.

During the past few years, Gaim has become an independent researcher that continues to develop the paradox literature but has also broadened the research interest to include e.g. business ventures. These contributions have also been put to good use in Gaim's teaching. Based on these developments as a scholar, and with a bright future ahead Dr. Medhanie Gaim is undoubtedly a worthy winner of the USBE scientific award in Business Administration.

Medhanie Gaim


Sonal Yadav is the recipient of the 2020 USBE Scientific Award in Economics

Sonal Yadav has been a Browaldh fellow at the Department of Economics, since November 2018. She defended her PhD thesis in September 2015 at the Indian Statistical Institute under the supervision of Professor Arunava Sen. Before coming to Umeå, Sonal was employed as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Padua, Italy. Sonal is a gifted theoretical economist and her main interests are in social choice theory and mechanism design. Her current interest concerns the theory of matching, which finds application in the organization of allocation processes for non-standard goods; for example, organs, medical internship, as well as certain resource allocation problems in the public sector.

Since coming to Umeå, Sonal has published the paper “Matching with Partners and Projects” (with Antonio Nicolò and Arunava Sen)  in the prestigious Journal of Economic Theory (the top field journal in economic theory), and recently her paper  “Global Equivalence in Voting Models: A Characterization and Applications” (with Ujjwal Kumar, Souvik Roy, Arunava Sen and Huaxia Zeng)  was accepted for publication in Theoretical Economics (a sister journal to Econometrica). Sonal has, therefore, made an impact on the theoretical literature in a short amount of time. Dr. Sonal Yadav is undoubtedly a worthy winner of the USBE Scientific Award in Economics.

Sonal Yadav


Anita Lindmark is the recipient of the 2020 USBE Scientific Award in Statistics

Anita Lindmark obtained her PhD at the Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics, in October 2016 with the thesis “Statistical methods for register based studies with applications to stroke.” Starting from empirical research questions, Anita’s research consists in theoretical, method and software development, as well as applied research.

Anita has published five scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals, some of which top ranked in their field. She has also published in a popular science journal. Through the implementation of a novel methods in freeware, she has been able to spread the use of state-of-the art statistical methods for health care center comparisons and for mediation analysis. She has also presented regularly her research in national and international scientific meetings and showed excellent communication and pedagogical skills.

Anita is now principal investigator for the project “Uncovering the mechanisms behind socioeconomic inequalities in stroke care and outcome through innovative statistical methods for mediation analysis” funded by both the Swedish Research council and Forte. Dr. Anita Lindmark is undoubtedly a worthy winner of the USBE Scientific Award in Statistics.

Anita Lindmark