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Publicerad: 2016-01-27

International workshop on DOING RESEARCH IN EXTREME CONTEXTS: from methodological to ethical considerations, 28th and 29th of January

The workshop is part of the Organizing in Extreme Contexts workshop series, and network. The workshop focuses on the methodological and ethical considerations associated with doing research in extreme contexts. Extreme contexts include ” risks of severe physical, psychological or material consequences…to organizational members or their constituents » (Hannah et al., 2009)”. The Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, the resurgence of ideological extremism, and the accidental death of climbers in Nepal are recent examples. Because of the risk of the researchee and the researcher, the inability to predict significant events, and the not so uncommon inaccessibility, extreme environments pose significant methodological and ethical challenges – but also opportunities - for the one pursuing such an avenue.

The workshop is arranged around plenaries, master classes and round tables where Mats Alvesson, Ann Cunliffe, Ann Langley and David Buchanan are the distinguished speakers.

The workshop is arranged by the research programme TripleED (www.tripleED.com) at USBE, together with Linda Rouleau at HEC Montreal and Daniel Geiger at University of Hamburg.