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Publicerad: 23 okt, 2016

New names within the Chemical Biological Centre (KBC)

NYHET The whole Chemical Biological Centre (Kemiskt Biologiskt Centrum) will has been renamed. The different buildings, formerly known as Fysiologihuset and Kemihuset will be now combined into the KBC-building. The different parts of the new KBC building will be distinguished by different letters (from A to K).

The new building parts have now the following new "names":

  • A, B, C, D (former Kemihuset)
  • E, F, G (former KBC building)
  • H, J, K (former Fysiologihuset)

The renaming of the KBC building has also consequences on the names of the lecture rooms, seminar rooms, meeting rooms and student laboratories. For example Stora hörsalen (former name KB3B1) changed to the new room name: KB.E3.03. The first two letters represent the KBC building (KB.XX.XX), the third letter represent the building part of the KBC complex and the fourth position the floor (KB.E3.XX). The fifth and sixth number are the number of the room on this floor counted from the main entrance (KB.E3.03), where you count on the left side uneven (1,3,5 ...) numbers and on the right side of the corridor even numbers (2,4,6....). Note that also the numbers in the TIMEDIT booking system have changed.

New signs will be set up around KBC at the stairways/elevators.

Here are the most important room numbers (former room nr):

Floor 2:
KB.G2.01 (KB2C5)

Floor 3:KB.F3.01 (KB3B3, new KBC interactive focus environment)KB.J3.02 (KBF31, seminar room at the entrance of former Fysiologihuset )KB.J3.01 (KBF30, seminar room of UPSC at the entrance of former Fysiologihuset)KB.E3.01 (KB3A9, Lilla hörsalen)
KB.E3.03 (KB3B1, Stora hörsalen)

Floor 5:
KB.G5.01 (KB5C2, seminar room of EMG)

Overview and all new room numbers for download

Redaktör: Eva-Maria Diehl