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Publicerad: 2016-12-14

Umeå University will continue to financially support the Chemical Biological Centre

NYHET The University Board decided to fund the Chemical Biological Centre (KBC) for three more years. The funding to KBC will increase from two to three million SEK per year during 2017 till 2019. The centre has demonstrated in two previous evaluations that it is operating very successfully. The Board valued KBC’s great contribution to the University’s success in areas such as chemistry and life sciences and the centre’s contributions to attract external funds.

The board considered it strategically important to continue supporting KBC. The funds will be primarily used for research infrastructure including technical training and methodological courses for graduate students and researchers. Funding is granted by the board on the condition that the involved faculties and departments are co-funding KBC by at least SEK 1.5 million per year over the same period of time.

“This is a really nice Christmas gift”, says Per Gardeström, since 2008 Scientific Coordinator for KBC. “About 800 people are working at the KBC and will benefit from the funding. The continuation of the financial support by Umeå University will help us to develop KBC further as a resource for all research in Umeå. This will also help us to attract the best students and researchers to Umeå.”

KBC was funded in 2007 and is an important interdisciplinary research centre for science and medicine. Three faculties and two Universities are represented and several large research projects are closely connected to the KBC. The centre offers an excellent scientific infrastructure with several technical state-of-the-art facilities. Its goal is to promote a positive and creative environment for research and to offer an excellent graduate and undergraduate education.

Redaktör: Eva-Maria Diehl