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Publicerad: 2017-03-14

Workshop on Mass spectrometry based Protein/Proteomic analysis in Umeå

NYHET Welcome to the workshop on Mass spectrometry based Protein/Proteomic analysis in Umeå! The KBC Proteomics Core Facility invites to discuss about protein analysis and mass spectrometry.



Proteomics reveals expression of all novel phycobiliprotein antenna of the cryptophyte algae Guillardia theta
Thomas Kieselbach (Dept. of Chemistry, UmU)
10.25Glycosylation mapping – a part of our peptide and protein MS portfolio
Thomas Bergström (Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI)
10.50Clinical Proteomics of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Shaochun Zhu (Dept of Pharmacology and Clinical Neuroscience, UmU)
12.15Sports, Blood and Doping
Christer Malm (Sports Medicine Unit, UmU)
12.40Accurate protein quantification by MRM for the determination of subunits ratio of CESAs complex and phosphorylation status of ribosomal protein RPS 6
Xueyang Zang (Dept. of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, SLU)
13.05How to enhance our flow through in proteomics
Joakim Bygdell (Dept. of Chemistry, UmU)
13.30What are the future needs for mass spectrometry and protein analysis in Umeå? (final discussion)

If you want to join the Workshop lunch, send an email to Gunnar.Wingsle@slu.se before Friday 24th of March. The workshop is for free.

Redaktör: Anne Honsel