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Alumni interview

From ABB's office in Skellefteå, Elin works all over the world. Elevator gears in India and China is her responsibility and the fins the international touch on her work inspiring.

Elin Wennerholm was raised on farm with 220 milk cows in Katrineholm. Maybe it is that background that makes her calm and confident in her new role at ABB. Elin started her studies within behavioral science at Umeå University and then she continued with master studies at IT Management. Spring 2012 she presented her master thesis on condition based monitoring on forest equipment. This work gave her valuable insights on service organizations, maintenance and the importance of the aftermarket. The international setting with class mates from 13 countries is also a valuable experience in her current work.

Summer 2012 Elin applied as a project leader for international missions at ABB and she got the job! Today she think this was a lucky strike and she find the work a lot more stimulating than she first thought. At ABB Elin works with the aftermarket for elevator gears using to transport people and material to the mine. The largest ore baskets carry 30 ton and the basket itself has the same weight. The transportation shaft can be 1 000 meters and with a speed on 70 km/h there are high requirements on the whole system to ensure a safe transportation. The elevator gears are critical in the overall production of the mine so it is an important product, but Elin is confident in her new role at her department.
–I was aiming for a challenge when I applied for this job and I got that, she says and laugh.

ABB is a world leading supplier of elevator gears with installations in more than 30 countries. Elin's department Underground Mining Service has global support so she works across the whole world. In her role as a project leader in India and China she gets many opportunities to meet people from other cultures.
– Many of the largest industries are international companies so I get colleagues and customers all over the world. My surrounding the last years have been very international, says Elin.

Elin Wennerholm
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Publicerad: 2016-07-06