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Michael Janits

A huge emphasis on team and projects with a lot of practical experience. Michael Janits remembers his studies at IT Management, Umeå University, with great joy.

Michael Janits graduated from Umeå University 2013 with a degree in IT Management. Now he lives in Vienna, Austria.

"I'm working as a SAP Inhouse Consultant at a producer of refractories. Refractory products are used in high-temperature manufacturing processes like in the steel, cement or glass industry", says Michael Janits.

Looking back, how do find your studies at IT Management?
Perfect, I loved my time in Umeå. Also comparing it with previous studies and exchange semesters, I never felt as motivated and inspired to study as in this environment.

What was the best with the program?
I really enjoyed that there was a huge emphasis on team and project work with a lot of practical experience. For instance, we were working on real-world projects for the Umeå municipality and for T3, a telecommunications service provider.

How did you find Umeå and the University?
The infrastructure of the university is great. It's a place where I felt very comfortable. Also after the lectures or at weekends I used to stay at the campus to meet with colleagues in one of the cafes. In order to study together, to work on a group project or just to have a fika break. I think for the amount of coffee I have consumed at the MIT-cafe, I have probably deserved some kind of medal, monument or a golden coffee-cup ;-)

Probably a student can easily survive by what the university campus has to offer: shops, pubs, IKSU-gym and the library. Nevertheless, it was a very pleasant change to leave the campus world occasionally in order to go to the city center of Umeå, especially on the weekends.

What would you put in first place recommending IT Management in Umeå?
Studying at the Department of Informatics at Umeå University means working on challenging group projects, collaborating with highly-motivated professors, and having access to a great infrastructure, like library and computer labs. I think this inspiring and innovative environment will enable any ambitious student to achieve his personal goals.

Michael Janits
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Vienna, Austria
Publicerad: 2016-07-06