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Property and campus

Image: Elin Berge

Umeå University’s activities are comprehensive and require suitable premises. Together with property owners, the university continuously develop these premises through innovative and climate-friendly solutions and sharing services to increase energy efficiency and utilisation. All outdoor areas on Umeå University's campus, including green spaces, are open and accessible to everyone.

Follow-up of the targeted goals

Action plan for climate and sustainability contains the University's strategic goals and overall activities for the period 2021–2023. The results of follow-ups for the three targeted goals within the focus area of ​​property and campus, are reported here.

Goal 8. Climate impact from energy use must reduce every year

Currently, Umeå University’s rented premises cover a total area of over 230,000 m2. In 2022, the University used more than 28 GWh of energy on Campus Umeå which corresponds to about 85% of the rented premises. That corresponds to the energy consumption of 1,120 homes.

As indicators for this goal, we have set "Number of consumed kWh in total, and number of kWh/m2". The numbers applies to Campus Umeå. This is how we have been doing:

  • Year 2018: approximately 33 GWh, 171 kWh/m2
  • Year 2019: approximately 31 GWh, 160 kWh/m2
  • Year 2020: approximately 28 GWh, 144 kWh/m2
  • Year 2021: approximately 28 GWh, 144 kWh/m2
  • Year 2022: approximately 28 GWh, 144 kWh/m2
  • Year 2023: approximately 35, 5 GWh, 157 kWh/m2

In the 2023 energy data, more of the university's premises have been included in the compilation, as well as the energy consumption for a building under construction. This means that the data is not entirely comparable for the year 2023 compared to previous years.

From 2022, we also measuring the water consumption:

  • In year 2022, 57 888 m3 of water was used on the main campus and 438 m3 at the Norrbyn premises.

Goal 9. University premises must be used more efficiently

Both constructing new and operating currently available premises give rise to negative environmental and climate impacts. Optimisation can happen, for example, through increased sharing and utilisation of our premises.

Average use of office premises, weekdays during regular working hours:

  • Year 2019: 21%
  • Year 2020: 18%
  • Year 2021: 20%
  • Year 2022: 29%
  • Year 2023: 32%

Average use of classrooms (planned ​and and spontaneous use), weekdays during regular working hours:

  • Year 2019: 30%
  • Year 2020: 15%
  • Year 2021: 26%
  • Year 2022: 37%
  • Year 2023: 42%

Average use of group study rooms (planned ​and spontaneous use), weekdays during regular working hours:​

  • Year 2019: 63%
  • Year 2020: 44%
  • Year 2021: 43%
  • Year 2022: 49%
  • Year 2023: 50%

Goal 10. Biodiversity on Campus Umeå must increase

The University’s main campus, Campus Umeå, consists of vast green spaces. By managing and developing these green spaces, they act as so-called carbon sinks binding the carbon dioxide from the air. Green spaces also promote biodiversity. Maintaining or increasing biodiversity requires the promotion of native species and the control of invasive species, in cooperation with our property owners.

As an indicator for this goal, we have chosen "Implemented activities for biological diversity". Here are some examples of such activities, which you can read more about further down the page:

  • Year 2020: The Campus Bigården apiary project starts
  • Year 2021: Reuse of plants and meadows for increased biodiversity
  • Year 2022: Inauguration of Arboretum on campus, fish inventory in the campus pond and removal of invasive species on Campus Umeå.
  • Year 2023: Action plan for increased biodiversity developed. Removal of invasive species. Expanded area of ​​meadows. More bird and bat houses are installed.

Read about our activities within this area

Here are examples of activities in the key area of Property and campus that have been carried out in recent years.
Campus Bigården apiary

Campus Umeå is a pollinator friendly place that contributes to biodiversity.

Walk and talk

We have created walking trails around campus for walk-and-talk meetings.

Sustainable development goals

Through activities in the key area Property and campus, the university contributes to sustainable development goals no. 7: Affordable and clean energy, no. 11: Sustainable cities and communities, no. 13 Climate action, and no. 15: Life on land.
Latest update: 2024-02-12