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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 11 May 2021)


About the Arctic Research Centre

Since the establishment in 2012, more than 300 researchers at Umeå University have joined as associated researchers to the Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University, Arcum.

Arcum offers a research environment where collaboration within project management, publications, supervision, international networks, seminars and strategic planning. With a substantial number of associated researchers at Umeå University the centre assembles a strong research environment with national proficiency in extensive research areas and has strategically developed a concept which provides a multi-disciplinary response to present and future demands of research-based knowledge for a sustainable development in the north.

The research conducted within Arcum has high relevance to the society and meets the increased demand for research-based knowledge. Cooperation is also of great importance. The center offers excellent opportunities for subject disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations. Arcum has a primary strength in its access to successful researchers, while new disciplines and young researchers continuously connect to the Centre. The researchers bring new perspectives on the northern and indigenous -related issues and sharpens the human dimension through cultural studies, health, environment, climate, legal and socio - economic research.

Arcum's mission

The following decision was made by the university board when founding Arcum:

The Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University shall

  • take a university wide responsibility for coordinating and developing Arctic research and move questions of Arctic education forward, perform and develop research within the Arctic field, plan and coordinate crossdisciplinary research projects within the Arctic research field
  • work as a meeting place for lecturers and students of all faculties and the Tutors school at the university with the purpose of informing and developing research and education within the Arctic research field.
  • organize seminars and conferences on Arctic research.
  • collaborate with society and continuously spread information of research results as well as take part in national debate
  • have a close collaboration with international actors and centres.
  • participate in and support the internationalization of Umeå University.


Arcum is a faculty independent research center located directly under the Vice-Chancellor.

Organizationally Arcum is governed by a steering group appointed by the faculties and approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

The daily activities at Arcum are undertaken by the Director and carried out by a small group, consisting of three employees.