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The Journal of Digital Social Research (JDSR) is an independent, open access, online journal, focusing on the way digital technology and society interacts. JDSR is associated with DIGSUM - with researchers from DIGSUM forming the core of the editorial board, joined by international experts in the field.

JDSR is interdisciplinary, commited to publishing high-quality articles within all areas of digital social research, including sociology, informatics, pedagogy, education science, gender studies, law, economy, social work and geography. JDSR is a true open access journal without publishing fees, offering double blind peer review and with a strong scientific committee of world leading experts in the field of the digital society.

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International Editorial Board
Jean Burgess Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Mark Carrigan University of Cambridge, UK
Nick Couldry London School of Economics, UK
José van Dijck Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Charles Ess University of Oslo, Norway
Christian Fuchs University of Westminster, United Kingdom
David Garcia Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria
David Gauntlett Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
Tim Jordan University of Sussex, UK
Anette Markham Aarhus University, Denmark
Safiya Umoja Noble University of Southern California, USA
Sarah Pink Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Thomas Poell Universiteit van Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Sarah T. Roberts University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Molly Wright Steenson Carnegie Mellon School of Design, Pittsburgh, USA
Johanna Sumiala University of Helsinki, Finland


Editoral committee

Samuel Merrill
Research fellow
Karin Danielsson
Associate professor

Editorial assistant

Mathilda Åkerlund
Doctoral student